POWRS is a group of Wisconsin retirees working to assure retirement security for ALL Wisconsin citizens. POWRS:  

    • Advocates to protect the Wisconsin Retirement System (public employee retirement program)

    • Supports secure, defined benefits programs for Wisconsin private sector employees andbusinesses

    • Works to strengthen and protect Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare

Social Security is on the Ballot

Social Security will be a big issue in the election. The Republicans are determined to turn Social Security into a cash cow for Wall Street and to destroy this extremely valuable and successful public program. Of course their attacks on Social Security are not based on facts or the consequences for all of us Seniors who depend on OUR Social Security income.

Don't be mislead! Here are links to great, short videos with the facts about Social Security

"Strengthen Social Security... Don't Cut It"

"Social Security a Ponzi Scheme?"

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    A New Threat To Medicare: Learn about Medicare Advantage and ACO-Reach

Protecting the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)  

The WRS is one of the best public employee retirement programs in the nation. It currently serves over 500,000 families in Wisconsin. The WRS is fully funded and a great value for all who live, work and pay taxes in Wisconsin. However, its safety and security is threatened by political meddling. 

You-Tube video "What Makes WRS a Model Program for Other States?"

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Promoting Retirement Security for ALL

Many people in Wisconsin do not have access to a high quality retirement program like the WRS. Many will be living in poverty during their "golden" years, but this retirement crisis can be avoided.  See the POWRS proposal to Gov. Evers for action on a Retirement for All program for Wisconsin.

Retirement For All White Paper 2019 Edition

Retirement For All Executive Summary 2019  

POWRS Recommendations for Wisconsin Retirement Task Force 2020

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Protecting Social Security and Medicare

Social Security and Medicare are the foundation of healthy, secure retirements for ALL Americans.

Unfortunately these highly successful programs are threatened by short-sighted “reforms.”  Medicare Advantage and ACO-Reach are two "reforms" designed to make money for the insurance companies.     

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